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Generating PDFs for Printing or for Electronic Signatures (Premium feature)





Click the PDF/Esign button to generate and download a PDF of your filled-in forms. You can also choose to circulate your documents for electronic signatures.


A window will be displayed that allows selection of the forms to be included in a PDF::





Select Current Transaction for a list of the forms that have entries in your opened file. 


You may uncheck forms that you don't want included in the documents.



Esign Selected Forms


To have your selected forms signed electronically (Premium Edition), see Electronic Signatures



Obtain PDF of Selected Forms


Click the Generate button. In the window that opens, click Download PDF. The PDF is usually found in your downloads folder, depending on your browser, like other Internet downloads.





Save PDFs for your Permanent Records 


We recommend that you save the downloaded PDFs to your own computer, server or cloud storage, for your permanent records. Forms Online does not store your PDFs, Forms Online stories only your entries.



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