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Esign Security Options


During the eSign process, when you enter the email address of each signer  you may select one or  more security options for the signer.


No-charge options:


The SMS Text and Pin  options may be used  without additional charge.


Additional cost option:


The KBA option as described below initiates a data verification process carried out by Lexis/Nexis for which  there is a charge of $1 for each signer for whom you choose the KBA option. If you choose this option, you  will be prompted to pay the $1 charge via credit card.


The security options include:


1) SMS Text: A code will be sent to the signer's phone which must be entered in during the eSign process  before proceeding to sign.


2) Unique PIN for each signer: You will create and give each signer a unique strong password that has  never been used before and will not be used in any subsequent signing session (each password is given to only  one signer). When signing electronically, the user must enter the password.


3) KBA (LexisNexis Knowledge-Based Authentication): With this method, the recipient of the email must answer  questions that are intended to match the name that you entered for the signer with known information  associated with that name. That process is performed by LexisNexis. If the answers entered do not match the  information associated with the name, the recipient will not be given the opportunity to sign electronically.





The SMS Text and password options attempt to verify that the person signing electronically is the same person that was dealt with in the transaction.


The KBA method verifies that the name of the person matches known data retrieved by LexisNexis.





When you add a signer and enter the signer's info, you may select a security option as shown:



If you choose an existing signer in your address book, after adding the signer click the three dots (...) next to the signers name in the session information. Then choose edit and add a security option.





















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