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Electronic Signatures




To start an eSign session, click the Generate PDF button and select your forms as usual. Click the eSign button, then follow the onscreen prompts.






Click Esign and this window will open:





Check the box to authorize the session. Then tap "Accept and begin new eSign session". Once the "Open signing session" button is enabled, click it.  


Session Termination Policy Details - Terminating Sessions - Time limit for obtaining credit.




After clicking "Open signing session":an eSign session creation web page will open, generally in a new browser tab.



Annotated screenshots that will open in a new browser tab or window:






Add recipient dialog







See Esign Security Options







Toggle Options when adding signer




After adding all signers, click Next:






Remove unused signing roles, if any:



If your transaction has fewer signers than allowed by your documents, you will be prompted to remove the unused signing roles and locations. In this example, there are only two signers (one buyer and one seller), but the forms have four possible signing locations (two buyers and two sellers). Click Ok at the prompt to remove the unused signing locations, as shown:







When finished adding signers and roles, click Next:







Preview or send signing invitations, or add additional signing locations:







Getting status and logs of Esign sessions, and Terminating sessions



See Getting Session Status and logs