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Electronic Signatures - Detailed Instructions





Alta Star Forms Online may be ordered with an optional eSign option which permits Forms Online users to initiate eSign sessions. Forms Online eSign options include a limited number of eSign sessions per Forms Online user, per year, as specified in your order. Additional signing session may be ordered.





To start an eSign session, click the PDF/Esign button and select your forms as usual. Then follow the onscreen prompts.










The final prompt will have a button "Open signing session in browser". When you click the Open button, an eSignOnline web page will open, generally in a new browser tab.


Session Termination Policy Details - Terminating Sessions - Time limit for obtaining credit.







For step one, no entries are required. You may simply click Next.


Step one has optional fields that you may use:

a) An optional message for the email that will be sent to the signers;

b) A cc for the email message;

c) Include yourself as a signer;

d) Session password to be used for all signers. (For greater security, instead of entering a single password for all users in this step, when you add signers in step two you may enter a unique password for each signer. In either case, any password you specify should be a unique password to be used only in one signing session.)









Step 2 Invite signers:


A) In step two, you specify who is to sign the document. Enter each signer's name and email address, or choose a previously entered signer from the address book.

B) When entering a signer's information, also choose an electronic signature security option.



When you add a signer and enter the signer's info, you may select an electronic signature security option. as shown:







After adding the signers' info, all signers are listed as shown here:







Click next and complete the Assign Signer Roles window:






If there is more than one form in your transaction, click "Apply signers to all templates" to copy your signer role entries tot he other forms, as shown:







After you return to the list of signers, click next:







After clicking next, if there are unused signing locations, you will be prompted to remove them from the form. In this example, there are only two signers (one buyer and one seller), but the forms have four possible signing locations (two buyers and two sellers), so click Ok at the prompt to remove the unused signing locations, as shown:







Step 3 Optionally upload your own additional custom PDFs (No entries required):

For step three, generally no entries are required. You may simply click Next






Step 4 Optionally add additional signing locations, if needed, for signatures, dates or initials.:

For step four, generally no entries are required. You may simply click Next. Signing location are automatically added for standard forms prepared using Forms Online.








Step 5 Preview final document (No entries required):

Step five provides the ability to preview the final document. You may simply click Next.









Step 6 Finish! (No entries required):

Simply click Finish.







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