Forms Online Features

Forms Online

  • Forms Online is a Secure web application with encrypted communications.
  • Altastar's MarkupMaster® optional feature allows you to quickly strikeout selected text and interlineate replacement text! (requires mouse) U.S. Patents 8,700,984, 10,255,256 & 11,138,363.
  • MarkupMaster® video demontrations (optional feature)
  • Strikeout selected text. (requires mouse)
  • Prepare official form contracts quickly and easily. Simply fill in blanks and print.
  • Pre-fill any blanks in forms with your standard Information, e.g., transaction Fee, firm Name, agent Name, your typical personal property list, etc.
  • File sharing: you may share each file with an authorized user in same firm.
  • Generate professional-looking PDFs.
  • Automatic Transfer of Names: Transfers names of parties to signature lines and related forms.
  • Automatic Transfer of Legal description or street address to riders and other related forms.
  • Multi-page free-form addenda can be used to enter custom clauses
  • Copy and paste to addendum from other programs.
  • Save filled-in PDF to your computer. Email PDF using any email system.
  • MicroFit™ Technology Fits More Text Into Form Blanks.
  • Automatically Creates Transaction History (List of Forms Used) for Each File as you Enter Information.
  • Corporate-style signatures: Easily handle corporate signatures in some forms. For example:
    ABC, Inc., a Florida corporation
    By: C.P. Morgan, President
System Requirements:
  • forms.altastar.com is compatible with most desktop, laptops and tablet computers and many smartphones, running recent versions Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome OS
  • Recent versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.
  • Compatible with recent models of Apple iPad, iPad Mini and iPad pro tablets, Android tablets and Google Chromebooks. You may try our demo before you buy: Demo: forms.altastar.com
  • Recommended tablets have 7.9" display or greater (for example: iPad mini).