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Officially licensed Florida REALTORS® and FR/BAR (FAR/BAR) forms

FR/BAR forms are approved by Florida REALTORS® and The Florida Bar

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Officially licensed FR/BAR forms

FR/BAR forms are approved by Florida REALTORS® and The Florida Bar

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Summary of Recent Form Changes

Florida REALTORS® and FR/BAR forms

Version 4.871 (September 2019)

  • Florida REALTORS®:
    • Revised: Contract to Lease

Version 4.87 (August 2019)

  • Florida REALTORS®:
    • New: Addendum to Vacant Land Contract (Addendum A: Back-Up Contract)
    • Revised: Vacant Land Contract
    • Revised: Residential Addendum L. Inspections
    • Revised: Extension Addendum to Contract EA-3 (Rev. 3/19)
    • Revised: Seller's Real Property Disclosure Residential

Version 4.86 (June 2019)

  • FR/BAR Forms:
    • New form: Miami-Dade Special Taxing District Disclosure (Rider CC).
    • FR/BAR regular and as-is contracts have a new checkbox (on the next to last page) to indicate usage of the new Miami-Dade Special Taxing District Disclosure (Rider CC).
    • FR/BAR Riders: No changes in the body of existing riders, but the footer has been updated to reflect the correct comprehensive rider designation (CR-5x) and now has a revision date of 6/19.
  • Florida REALTORS®:
    • New Florida REALTORS Miscellaneous form: Miami-Dade Special Taxing District Addendum (MDSTA-1), designed to be used in conjunction with Florida REALTORS' residential and vacant land contracts.

Version 4.85.7 (March 2019)

  • Florida REALTORS®:
    • Wire Fraud Notice (revised)
    • Release and Cancellation of Contract (revised)
    • Lead-based Paint Warning Statement for Rental Housing (revised)
    • Extension to Exclusive Property Management Agreement (NEW form)

Version 4.85.6 (August 2018)

  • Florida REALTORS® (formatting changes only):
    • Residential Lease for Apt. or Unit
    • Residential Lease for Single Family Home and Duplex
    • Sellers Property Disclosure – Condominium
    • Sellers Property Disclosure – Residential
    • Vacant Land Disclosure Statement

Version 4.85.5 (July 2018)

  • Florida REALTORS® new forms:
    • Florida REALTORS® Multiple Offer Form To Seller_MODS-1
    • Notice of Multiple Offers to Buyers_NMOB-1
    • Form Notice and Disclosure_FND-1
  • Florida REALTORS® form changes:
    • Contract to Lease_CL-6
    • Exclusive Right to Lease Agreement_ERL-10
    • Exclusive Right of Sale Listing Agreement No Brokerage_ERS-14nr (typo correction only changes "seler" to "seller")

Version 4.85.4 (February 2018)

  • Florida REALTORS® form changes:
    • REVISED: Florida REALTORS® FIRPTA Addendum CRSP-15-I
    • REVISED: Florida REALTORS® Inspections Addendum CRSP-15-L
    • REVISED: Florida REALTORS® Community Development District Addendum CDDA-2
    • REVISED: Florida REALTORS® Exclusive Property Management Agreement EPM-6

Version 4.85.3 (September 2017-B)

  • Florida REALTORS® form changes:
    • REVISED: Commercial Contract CC-5 added Force Majeure paragraph 12 and renumbered the subsequent paragraphs

Version 4.85.2 (September 2017)

  • FR/BR form revisions:
    • REVISED: Homeowners' Association/Community Disclosure CR-5 (B)
    • The revision number on all FR/BAR riders was updated to CR-5 (A-BB)
  • Florida REALTORS® form changes:
    • REVISED: Commercial Contract CC-5
    • NEW: Exclusive Right to Lease - Commercial ERLC-1
    • NEW: Exclusive Tenant Brokerage Agreement - Commercial Property ETBC-1

Version 4.85.1 (June 2017)

  • Florida REALTORS® form revisions:
    • Contract to Lease CL-5
    • Exclusive Right to Lease Agreement ERL-9
    • Exclusive Right of Sale Listing Agreement For Commercial Property ERS-7cp

Version 4.85 (June 2017)

  • New Florida REALTORS (FR) Residential Contract CRSP-15 Rev. June, 2017.
  • FR Residential Addenda have new revision numbers and June, 2017 revision date but are otherwise unchanged.
  • FR Vacant Land Contract updated to VAC-11
  • FR Vacant Land Listing Agreement updated
  • Exclusive Right of Sale Listing Agreements (4 variations) updated
  • Exclusive Brokerage Listing Agreement updated
  • FR Addendum to Contract updated

Version 4.84 (April 2017)

Version 4.839 (Nov. - Dec. 2016)

  • Florida REALTORS® added: Wire Fraud Prevention Notice, listed under FAR Miscellaneous Forms.
  • Florida REALTORS®' Exlusive Buyer Broker Agreement was replaced by four versions, each used for one of the following brokerage relationships: 1) non-representative, 2) single-agent, 3) transaction broker and 4) transition from single-agent to transaction broker.

Version 4.838 (Sept 20, 2016)

  • Florida REALTORS' Sellers Property Disclosure-Residential (SPDR-2) has been modified and now contains five pages.

Version 4.836 (July 1, 2016)

  • The lease forms in the FAR Complete Package have been updated with a copy of the revised Landlord Tenant Act, effective July 1, 2016. Pages 8-18 of the leases contain the Landlord Tenant Act. None of the lease terms were modified. When using the Windows desktop program, the Landlord Tenant Act appears in the printout/PDF and in the print preview, but not in the editing window. In Forms Online, the Act appears while adding and in the generated PDF.

Version 4.835 (June 1, 2016)

  • Removed: Florida REALTORS' Buyers Affidavit For FIRPTA Withholding Exemption (BAWE-2.
  • Added: Florida REALTORS' Authorization to Furnish TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID-1) (Authorizes lender, title company and escrow agent to furnish closing disclosures/settlement statements to broker.

Version 4.834 (February 15, 2016)

  • Revised Addendum I (FIRPTA) to CRSP-14a (FAR Contract for Residential Sale and Purchase).
  • Paragraph V (FIRPTA) in the body of the FR/BAR contracts.