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Preservation of Files During Installation and Updates

  • Your files are not automatically deleted when using our application installer during software updates, reinstalls or uninstalls via Control Panel.

Store Policies

Try before you buy!

  • You may demo either Forms Online or Windows Desktop Program via links in this website.
  • Demo mode has most application functionality and Forms print "sample" in demo mode.


  • Forms Online: No refunds are permitted after your first login, and in no event after 30 days from your order.
  • Windows Desktop Program: No refunds are permitted after you activate the program on any computer, and in no event after 30 days from your order.


  • Electronic signatures sessions that are included with the purchase of a Forms Online subscription term do not carry over to a subsequent subscription term.
  • Electronic signature sessions that are purchased during a subscription term as an add-on may be used by one designated user for one-year of the add-on order date (provided the user maintains an active Forms Online subscription) and may not be carried over to subsequent years.
  • There is no proration or credit for unused electronic signature sessions.


  • Each Forms Online license permits access only by a single user, unless otherwise expressly stated in an invoice or receipt. Each natural person who desires to access the system would be considered a user and would require a separate license for access.
  • The login/user name for each person licensed to use Forms Online must contain enough of the user's real name so that the login name clearly identifies the licensed user. As an example, without limitation, generic login names such as [email protected], yourcomanyname or admin are not permitted. Examples of acceptable login/user names for a person named Joe Smith include [email protected], [email protected], joesmith and jsmith. Alta Star reserves the right to assign or change a Forms Online login/user name at Alta Star's sole discretion.
  • The email address associated with each Forms Online login/user name must belong to and be used solely by the licensed Forms Online user. The email address must also be consistent with the above restrictions in order to access Forms Online.
  • If a Forms Online license includes electronic signatures, the name associated with the electronic signature feature will be the full name of the licensed user.


  • Product Activation: One or more single-computer licenses are issued in the quantity that you order. A unique License Access Code will be issued for each licensed computer, valid only on the one computer for which it is issued. The license is not transferable to another computer or another customer or to an additional office of a multi-office organization.
  • A new License Access Code will be required for a License Transfer and may be required due to a change in your operating system or hardware. The charges described below will be applicable.
  • Windows Desktop Licenes and Transfers for Subscription Products: A license transfer or access code reissue at the time a renewal order is placed for a particular license may be obtained at no charge. At other times, a fee to reissue the required License Access Code of $39.00 applies. Transfer of Licenses or License Access Code reisues do not include installation support and do not extend subscriptions.
  • Non-Subscription products: the first and subsequent transfers approved by Altastar or access code reissues carry a support charge of $99 each. Transfer of Licenses or License Access Code reisues do not include or extend support.
  • Alta Star reserves the right in its sole discretion to limit or deny License Transfers or License Access Code reissues, except at the time a renewal order is placed.
  • Installation for use on servers or other multi-user systems, cloud-based systems or virtual desktop instances, requires a license expressly described for such usage.


  • This policy applies to Forms Online and other subscription products where your entries are stored on Alta Star's database server: Alta Star retains a user's data and entries for a retention period of three months following expiration of the product license or three months following a customer's deletion of a Forms Online user, whichever comes first. User data and entries may be purged by Alta Star after the retention period.


  • RENEWAL TERM: A renewal extends a license for the length of a subscription term (12 months for annual subscriptions) from the prior expiration date.


  • Our applications, added formatting, content of this web site and all related materials are © 2016 by Alta Star Software, Inc., All Rights Reserved. The applications are subject to End-User License Agreements (displayed in our Windows desktop programs during installation and/or when ordering or accessing our Windows Program or Forms Online), which contain additional copyright terms and limitation of liability. Those terms apply in addition to the terms stated in this website. Some forms included with the software are copyrighted by third-party publishers. You agree to comply with rules and requirements of any form copyright holder. If forms are updated, you agree to use replacement application/forms.
  • All prices, including annual renewal rates, are subject to change.

Support Policies


  • Most questions about program features can be answered by an included help system.
  • Subscription products include limited email support for questions about program features that aren't answered in the application help system or online support materials.
  • Non-subscription products include 60 days of limited email support for questions about product features that aren't answered in the application or online help systems.


  • 30 days of limited telephone and email support for installation and activation issues on standalone computers is available, following purchase of a product license, except as noted below.
  • Exception: Installation and activation support is not available when licensed for use on servers or other multi-user systems, cloud-based systems or virtual desktop instances.


  • Support does not include issues or questions regarding operating system or hardware functionality or applications not licensed by us.