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Strikeout Settings


You may control the appearance of your strikeout line.  You may choose between a simple straight line or a crosshatch strike-through.  You may also alter the line width to suit your preference.  To alter your strikeout settings, access Tools|Set User Preferences|Other Options.


You may also drag your mouse over continuous text that appears on more than one line. By default, when strikeout covers more than one line but less than 4 lines, each line will contain a straight, horizontal strikeout (line-by-line strikeout). When strikeout covers 4 or more lines, the strikeout will be a Z-style strikeout graphic. The threshold number of lines that causes a change from line-by-line strikeout to Z-style strikeout is set by default to 4 lines, but the threshold number may be changed under Tools|Set User Preferences|Other Options. Patent Pending.





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