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Groups of Forms


You can create various groups of forms, which are simply lists of forms that you commonly use in different situations. Groups of forms are not saved within one particular file that you fill-in; instead, groups of forms are saved separately and may be used and reused for many files.


For example, one could create a "Condominium Contract" group, consisting of a Contract, Condo Rider, Lead-Based Paint Addendum and Mold Inspection Addendum to Contract. By doing so, when you wish to prepare a condominium contract you can add all of the forms in the group to the transaction history by clicking on the group name in the transaction history screen, then clicking on Set Transaction. Similarly, from the print selection screen you could click on the Condominium Contract group to automatically select all of the forms in the group for previewing and printing.


The data that you enter into the blanks of forms is not saved with a group of forms. A group of forms simply contains a list of the forms that are contained in the group that you created. To save the data you have entered into the forms, you should save your file.


A group may be created from the print selection screen (File|Print/Preview/PDF) or from the Transaction History screen (Tools|Transaction History).  Place a check mark next to all of the forms you wish to include in the group.  Then enter a group name in the text box labeled "Save Checked Forms As New Group."  The click on the Create New Group button.  In the example below, the group has been saved as a Condominium Contract group.





If you wish to change a group you previously created, check or uncheck the desired boxes and then click the "Save Group" button.





When you wish to select all of the forms in a previously saved group of forms for previewing or printing, just click on the group name.





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