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Emailing/Creating PDF Files of Filled-In Forms



Before creating a PDF file for e-mailing, you must select and preview your forms (File|Print/Preview/PDF). See Previewing Forms


Once your forms are previewed, click the "Create PDF From Preview" button at the top of the screen.





A message window will open indicating that the PDF file has been created.  Click OK.


A dialog box "Select File(s)  ..." will display with your PDF listed. You can attach the PDF file to an email or open the PDF file to view it.


From the Select File(s) window, locate and highlight the file you wish to e-mail.  Attach the appropriate PDF file to an email. 



The PDF file can be attached to an email in one of two ways: 

1)  On some systems, you can right-click on the PDF file from the list, then left-click on Send To, then left-click on Mail Recipient; or



2)  Alternatively, make a note of where the PDF file was saved (the default is your "My Documents" folder).  Then open your e-mail program and attach the PDF file in accordance with your e-mail program's procedures



To change the location where PDF files are stored: from the preview screen, click the More PDF Options menu to change the location where PDF files are stored or to view a PDF file that you have already created. 





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