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Above the top of each form, there is a "Strikeout" box.  There are two option buttons to chose from. N/A means not applicable (strikeout not enabled). To add strikeout, click the other button (xo).



Once the option button with the line symbol is selected, drag your cursor (while holding down the left mouse button) across the text you wish to strikeout.  Release the button to stop striking through text.


After you have drawn the strikeout line, you may move it by dragging the blue strikeout end point with your mouse. You may resize the strikeout line by dragging the red strikeout end point with your mouse.


You may also drag your mouse of continuous text over more than one line. By default, when strikeout covers more than one line but less than 4 lines, each line will contain a straight, horizontal strikeout. When strikeout covers 4 or more lines, the strikeout will be a Z-style strikeout graphic. The threshold number of lines that causes a change from line-by-line strikeout to Z-style strikeout is set by default to 4 lines, but the threshold number may be changed under Tools|Set User Preferences|Other Options.



To delete a previously placed strikeout, click on a red or blue end point and then click on "Delete Strikeout" in the Strikeout Functions box just below the program menu.


To change the thickness of the strike-out line, or to replace the line strikeout style with an "x" strikeout style, access the Tools|Set User Preferences Menu at the top Menu Bar and select Other Options.



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